Buying a ring means also choosing the right size, especially if it’s a gift. Michele Matranga gives you the opportunity to choose the right ring size by providing the Ring Size Guide: a simple and practical tool to select the most suitable size and complete your purchase of women’s or men’s rings with ease.


c 36,5

Ø 11,6

c 39,1

Ø 12,4

c 41,6

Ø 13,3

c 44,2

Ø 14,1

c 46,7

Ø 14,9

c 49,3

Ø 15,7

c 51,8

Ø 16,5

c 54,4

Ø 17,3

c 56,9

Ø 18,1

c 59,5

Ø 18,9

c 62,1

Ø 19,8

c 64,6

Ø 20,6

c 67,2

Ø 21,4

c 69,7

Ø 22,2

c 72,3

Ø 23,0

c 74,8

Ø 23,8

c 77,4

Ø 24,6

Download pdf

Our PDF is based on one of the fastest and most reliable methods for choosing the right ring size without making mistakes: simply print the form in A4 format and, once you’ve ensured that the scale is set correctly, use a ring that you already own to measure its circumference.

Here are some tips from Michele Matranga for correctly measuring the ring circumference:

  1. Use a ring that is worn often and does not feel tight. Finger sizes can vary, so it’s best to use a ring that fits well on the intended finger.
  2. Place the ring on the circles of the chart: the inner part should match the circle, and if in doubt, choose the larger size.
  3. Consider the style of the ring: for band-style rings, larger sizes are preferable; rings of the same size may have different fits depending on the finger and design.